API Description
Buses Monthly usage of buses since 2011
Crime Detailed crime data from published reports
Earnings Earnings by age group, sector, and sex
Education Post-16 results, overall GCSE grades and GCSE grades by school
Emissions Emissions from published reports
Employment Employment data from published reports
Energy Electricity, nuclear, oil, gas, etc.
Finance Finance industry stats
Fire & Rescue Things the Fire & Rescue department deal with
Flights Flight details refreshed on the fly from the Guernsey Airport
Government spending Government spending since 2014
Health Health data from Chest & Heart screenings and government
Housing Detailed quarterly house prices since 1981 to today
Inflation RPI & RPIX inflation data from 1949
Overseas Aid Aid and emergency relief sent overseas
Population Guernsey population data from published reports
Sailings Sailing details refreshed on the fly from the Guernsey Harbour
Tourism Incoming visitors
Traffic Traffic data from published reports
Transport Vehicle usage
Waste Waste and recycling
Water Water data from published reports
Weather Weather from published reports
Broadband Coming soon
Fishing Coming soon
Fuel Coming soon
Roadworks Coming soon
Sports Coming soon